Refined Reused Denim is a sustainable denim brand that promotes local, sustainable, and transparent denim manufacturing.

Fictional project
Concept & Identity
December 2021

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Project type



Concept  & identity



hero image with the slogan "Shaping the future of sustainable denim."


The environmental impact of textiles is a major issue, and environmental awareness is increasing among customers. Unfortunately, when the demand for sustainable brands rises, so does greenwashing. Refined Reused Denim solves this problem by producing new clothing from recycled denim garments while remaining transparent.

several mockups showing screens of the website in mobile view


icon of paper and magnifying glassicon of a smartphoneicon of user and checkboxicon of customer journey
1. Brainstorm & sketching
3. Persona & questionaries
5. Prototype testing
6. Iterate
4. Customer journey
2. Market research


I wanted to create a straightforward brand identity that reflects the company's core values of innovation and responsibility. The neon green color expresses confidence and boldness, whereas the earthy colors imply credibility and trustworthiness. In addition, the strong typography and graphic element serve as a powerful brand-building and recognition element.

Stylesheet showing primary font Value sans Prostylesheet with secondary font, Pilowlavagraphic element, neon green circles on black backgroundvisual branding on instragram


The project's main goal was to create a site that was not only visually appealing but also simple to use. I also wanted to emphasize the importance of traceability. By scanning a QR code on the label, the customer can follow the garment's life cycle.

mockup showing the first page in desktop view
mockup showing the process page in both desktop and mobile view
mockup showing how the garment was made in both desktop and mobile view
mockup of website start screen in mobile view
mockup of website in mobile view
mockup of website in mobile view
mockup of website in mobile view


The challenge with this project was to create a credible e-commerce site that customers could rely on. It was critical to illustrate the company's purpose and clarify the process from beginning to end. Based on user feedback, I had to revise my sketches and work with the page structure to create a more comprehensible structure. I realized that building credibility with customers is complex and requires constant interaction with the users.